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Loudoun County

African American timeline

African American - Government and Law in the Path to Freedom, Justice and Racial Equality

Ashburn Village's Agrarian Roots

Civil Rights in Middleburg

Civil War - Balls Bluff Battle

Civil War - County is divided

Civil War - Loudoun Timeline

Civil War - Records saved

Civil War - Federal occupation

Civil War - General Mosby's raid

Civil War - Loudoun Rangers

Civil War - Reconstruction Years: Tales of Leesburg and Warrenton

Civil War - Strategic position

Civil War - Unison Battle 1862

Civil War - Vote of 1860 affected by history

Colonial - 1649 Fairfax Line

Colonial - Before 1760-Pt.1

Colonial - Before 1760-Pt.2

Colonial - Braddock's march 1755

Colonial - Early customs

Colonial - Loudoun's beginning

Colonial - German settlers

Colonial - Early customs

Colonial - Life on a farm

Farming - Corn

Farming - John Binns — A Pioneer in Crop Improvement

Farming - Mills & wheat

Goose Creek Canal

Growth 2004

History - Overview

Indian Mounds of Loudoun County

Iron Mining

Lightfoot Lee

Limestone Overlay District


Mosby walnut tree

Post offices

Railroads-Washington & Old Dominion

Revolutionary War - John Champe

Slaves' path to freedom   not clear-cut

Slave quarters

Telephones - early development


Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad-Two farms connected

Yardley-Taylor Map of 1853

Zilpha Davis, a Freed Slave of Loudoun County

Towns, Villages & Places

Loudoun towns in 1908

Aldie Mill


Dulles Airport

Hamilton's Loudoun County Milling


Leesburg history
Loudoun County Court House
Leesburg neighborhoods


Paeonian Springs


Purcellville's orchard grass seed mill

Purcellville's Nichols Hardware Store

Purcellville street & neighborhood nicknames

Round Hill

Round Hill's Hill High pie store

Snickersville Turnpike

Sterling Park developed in 1961

Taylorstown Dam and the 1974 Catoctin Valley Defense Alliance


Waterford history



Local expressions from Bygone Times

Indians - From Indians to Speculators

Indians - Encounter with Piscataway

Indians Left Their Mark in Naming Landmarks in Loudoun County

Indians of the Virginia Piedmont


Transportation - 1800s

Transportation - Carolina Road

Transportation - History of Virginia Roads

Spotsylvania County

Kenmore House-Revolutionary home


Cold Wave of January 1912

Drought of 1930 Gives Us A Preview of the Drought Next Time

Drought Survivors of 1930 Recall the Ultimate Dry Spell

Northeastern Snow Storm, President's Day, 2003

Snowmageddon, the Winter Storms of 2010


Other pages:

Guide to Freedom - Jockey statues marked Underground Railroad

Eugene Scheel - Loudoun County map maker and historian