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Historical Maps and Publications by Historian Eugene Scheel

The Virginia Historical Society has called Gene a modern-day Jed Hotchkiss – the Civil War map-maker – because his maps are so detailed and are drawn by hand. Gene is a historian and mapmaker with offices in Waterford, Loudoun County Virginia. He is the author of 9 books on Virginia History, and provider of over 50 historical maps covering Virginia, other states and foreign nations.

Eugene Scheel 2016 (photo Virginia Living)

Eugene Scheel [photo Virginia Living

A recent aticle about Gene in Virginia Living magazine.

He holds an A.B. in Geography from Clark University, a graduate degree in planning from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and a graduate degree in American Literature from Georgetown University. He writes a column on History for the rural editions of the Washington Post. Born in the Bronx, New York, he has lived in Piedmont Virginia since 1965.

Gene Scheel's work has been featured in numerous journals, magazines, and newspapers. The Washington Post notes "his hand-drawn works of cartographic art are treasured as pictures of history."

How to order

All maps and books may be autographed, if desired. Maps are sent in priority mailing tubes costing between $8-$10.

Contact Gene for pricing.

Order directly from:
Eugene M. Scheel
PO Box 257
Waterford, Virginia 20197
(703) 727-2946  E-mail

Eugene Scheel speaking with customers during the Waterford Fair

Eugene Scheel speaking with customers during the Waterford Fair


All maps are of Virginia, unless noted. All county maps cover from a mile to two miles into the adjacent counties.

Gene's maps usually have about twenty times the name detail of the 1:24,000 U. S. Geological Survey maps. They are carefully field checked, by auto and by foot, and correct many spelling and location errors on government maps. Historic names are noted as well as present names.

All maps are in color except if noted; most show all Civil War battles, actions, skirmishes, etc.; family graveyards, old roads, trails, stores, post offices, mills, American Indian villages, fish traps--always differentiating between what's standing today and what was once there.

Featured Map Package 
Purchase the American Indian Map of Loudoun County, Short Hill Map, Civil War in Loudoun County, and the large 35" by 45" Loudoun County Historical Map for only $100.

American Indian Map of Loudoun County (2018), 13" by 19". Locates Indian settlements, travel ways, and areas where the seven tribes that once inhabited Loudoun, and adjacent regions, lived. Illustrations of a fish trap, typical village, and more fill the boarder. Routes of the first European explorers  (1692-1709) are also included.

Civil War in Loudoun County (2001), 13" by 19". Drawn in the style of an 1860's map. Battles and skirmishes are color-coded to indicate victories. The map also shows fortifications and is an accurate picture of Loudoun in the 1860's. $25

Clarke County (1982), 19" by 23". Only a few left

Culpeper County in 1776 (1975), 18" by 22". Includes present Madison and Rappahannock Counties. Only a few left

Culpeper County, with detailed insets of towns, villages (2006), Civil War battles, 3' by 4' (three times the detail of the 1975 map).

Fauquier County in 1776 (1975), 18" by 22". Only a few left

Example of an historical map of Waterford by Eugene Scheel

Example of a map by Eugene Scheel

Fauquier County, with detailed insets of towns (1996), 3' by 4'. Only a few left

Frederick County and Winchester, with detailed insets of towns (1974), 3' by 4'.

Loudoun County Historical Map (1990) [View], 36" by 45" with historical details. $60.

Loudoun County (2002), 30" by 24". This is a black and white map of Loudoun with great detail.

Medley District, Montgomery County, Maryland, 15" by 22". Partial redrawing (blue color added) of western Montgomery County on Potomac River (Poolesville, Monocacy, Barnesville, Boyds, Dawsonville areas).

Middletown & The Cedar Creek Battlefield (1996), 21" by 27". Drawn for the town's 200th anniversary. Shows all pre-1950 houses with dates, builders, owners. Only a few left

Mosby's Confederacy (1995), 12" by 18". Shows area of Mosby's June, 1864, order, where men should stay. In color. Only a few left

Mosby - John Singleton Mosby Heritage Area (1996), 33" by 33". Parts of Loudoun, Fauquier, Warren, Clarke, Jefferson, and Prince William Counties. (Artist's proof on heavier stock available). Only a few left.

Potomac River (1995), 22" by 30". From Brunswick, down river to VanDeventer's I. Includes areas about Leesburg, Waterford, Taylorstown, Point of Rocks, Dickerson, Poolesville, Suglarloaf Mtn. Shows pre-1950 houses and dates, much river detail including Indian fish traps, Civil War crossings, best fishing spots.

Prince William County: African-American Heritage. About 20" by 26", color, pictures of historic black churches. Becoming rare.

Prince William County & Manassas Battlefields (1992), 30" by 40". Very detailed insets of the 1861, 1862 battles. Only a few left (folded ed. comes with book – see below).

Rappahannock County (1999), 27" by 31", also shows more than 300 historic houses and names of past owners. Very detailed. Inserts of towns and villages.

Short Hill (2016), 13" by 19". Extremely detailed map of the area between Blue Ridge and Rout 287 (Berlin Turnpike) including Lovettsville, Hillsboro, Potomac River south to the southern tip of Short Hill, and inserts of Morrisonville and Neersville. $20

Snickersville Turnpike, Loudoun County (1997), 3' by 1'. Shows pre-1950 houses, owners, and building dates.

Snickersville Turnpike - Original Land Grants Along and Adjacent to Snickersville Turnpike. (1997), a companion map to the above, black and white, 2' by 10".

Stafford County (2003), 3' by 4', very detailed, inserts of villages and towns of Stafford Court House, Falmouth.

Tri-Counties of Upper Prince William, East Fauquier, and Lower Loudoun (1994), 18" by 23". Includes areas of Middleburg, Aldie, Haymarket, Manassas Battlefields.

Warren County (2004), 3' by 4', very detailed with insert of Front Royal and villages.

Washington-Dulles International Airport (1982), 31" by 33". Prepared for the airport's 20th anniversary. Shows areas from Leesburg east to western Fairfax, and south to Manassas. This map named the airport. Only a few left.


Books in Print

Loudoun Discovered - Communities, Corners & Crossroads. A series of five volumes (2003), approximately 900 pages plus folded or flat map of Loudoun County. The history of the 120-or-so towns, villages, and communities in Loudoun County. Volumes may be read  individually at the Thomas Balch Library. Mr. Scheelonly sells the complete set plus map for $100.